ripples & porch crochet

no finished project today, just a progress shot of my first granny stitch ripple blanket. 100% cotton

….. a post post edit to answer a lovely comment….. I used the granny stitch ripple pattern from the lazy hobbyhopper blog – thanks lazy hobbyhopper.

Also thought I’d share the view I enjoyed whilst crocheting this sweet little ripple. It’s the peaceful porch of dove cottage and I think it’s my new favourite place to crochet!

they are not my hairy legs!

Hoofer sockettes.
100% pure wool, crochet.
They are my hubby’s hairy legs and big hoofers and I think I should make this clear from the start!
After trawling the net and finding a number of different patterns for little crocheted slipper/sockettes, I decided the basic kind look pretty simple so had a go at making up my own pattern. I used two strands of 8 ply pure wool and 5mm hook so as to make them tight and chunky. As you can see they turned out a little larger than anticipated, so when hubby asked to try them on I asked if he would wear them – “only if no one saw me in them” was the reply. Well they fitted him like a glove (ahem sock), so he scored them. Of course no one has to see them except you guys so all good really! I will have a go at making a smaller more delicate looking pair for myself next.

Carry (your own) bag with flower power

Carry (your own) bag with flower power
100% cotton, crochet
So this is my own version of the previously posted carry (your own) bag. I tweaked the pattern a little to make it a bit shorter and fatter and also added a flower which I think lends a little cuteness to the bag. I basically made it shorter overall, extended the width near the base and reduced it around the top so the closure was a little more snug.

A great little bag to carry groceries or yarn!

The flower came up a treat in the variegated cotton yarn I used. I also used a much finer yarn and way smaller hook than the previous bag. Sure it took a little longer, but I think it looks better and it also squishes down in a smaller bundle when not in use.

Model apples

I know it’s not crochet but I’m so proud of the generous crop from our golden delicious apple tree here at Dove Cottage. Purely organic, grown with love rain sun and worm wee, they are a sweet juicy delight to crunch your way through.

and now for the crochet bit…
cotton carry (your own) bag
Note the lovely golden delicious apples modelling in the bag. Job well done from the apples I’d say – they look great and taste great!
This was a super easy project to make, big thanks to the Purl bee for the great pattern. It squishes down to a reasonably small size to stuff into your handbag – I imagine I’ll be keeping mine handy in the car for those quick stops at the supermarket I seem to be doing way too often of late. Think I might make a few as gifts and adorn with some pretty flowers to give them a little personality…stay tuned!
100% cotton, crochet