blue suede bag – yes it’s really finished!

turquoise tassel lover bag
blue suede, feathers, key, buckle, turquoise, 100% cotton lining.

This one has been a labour of love, many hours and cramped arms and hands involved. But I do love it and think it has real character. The gorgeous texture of the pretty blue suede, the old fashion key, the lovely feathers (thanks to my sweet daughter for these) and the stunning turquoise stones (thanks to my sweet hubby for these), all came together organically to produce a unique hand crafted, hand stitched bag. (Well the lining was made with a sewing machine but it was inserted into bag with hand stitching!)


cotton love

lime splice blankie
lime; 100% organic cotton, cream; 100% cotton, knit and crochet

detail of lime splice blankie

granny hugs blankie
100% cotton, crochet

rose blossom cushion
note birdy cameo to the right of the cushion!
100% cotton, crochet

babybells rattle
100% cotton – crochet, brass ring, bells