for starters…

bless your cotton socks blankie

: 100% cotton crocheted babies blanket.

sea meets sky blankie

: 100% cotton, hand painted yarn, knitted & crocheted edge, babies blanket.

panda lovin’ blankie

: 100% bamboo turned viscose (one of the rare times I’ve used ‘not natural’ yarn – it feels so soft!), crocheted babies blanket.

bunnykins cloud blankie

: 50% angora, 50% wool, crocheted babies blanket.

silky suri blankie

:80% suri alpaca, 20% silk babies blanket. ( hands down the most luxurious yarn – silky and light as a feather ), crochet.

pink clouds blankie

:pink = 50% tencel, 50% alpaca, white= 100% wool, crochet babies blanket.

chunky soft teal scarf

:100% baby alpaca (soft fluffy feathery warmth!), knit.

pastel organics (soon to be blankie)

:100% organic cotton, knit, soon to be blanket.

rosette scarf

: 60% wool, 30% baby alpaca, 10% angora, knit & crochet.

green arches blankie

:100% cotton, crochet babies blanket

sage blossom cushion

: 100% wool, crochet

geisha doll bag

dear oh deer bag

oh by the way, did I mention that not only am I obsessed with crocheting, a little knitting and sewing, but I’m also addicted to lovely cups and saucers, teapots, tea containers, birdy things and my garden? I know, you’d never have guessed right?